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Scott Anderson takes the Skip Barber Western Series points lead!

March 10, 2011

This last month has been very eventful. Scott has taken over the lead in the Skip Barber Western Series, leading by four points. In the first weekend of February, The Western Series headed to a track that was new for everyone, Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. Not only was it a challenge for everyone to learn a completely new track, but each race was held in a different direction, making it very important to get up to speed as quickly as possible, Which Scott had no problem doing.

Saturdays qualifying and race went extremely well as Scott qualified on pole, and after a very tough race with high winds blowing sand all over the track, Scott managed to adapt quickly and take the win. Sundays qualifying didn't go so well, with a four off forcing Scott to start from the back, he had a lot of work to do. With a very good start, Scott managed to overtake most of the field in the first lap, and with the top 5 in sight he managed to catch the lead group very quickly. Unfortunately the leaders Thomas McGregor and Shelby Blackstock had contact and had to make a drive through penalty. after just a couple more laps Scott managed to take the lead and extend it to a comfortable distance and take his second win.

Last weekends race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca went very well for Scott as he manged to take over the points lead. Scott participated in four races total, qualifying on pole for all but one race. the first race on Saturday was a tough battle between Scott and Kyle kaiser, with Kaiser taking the checker, Scott still manged a 2nd place finish. Saturdays second race ended up in a battle between Scott and Shelby Blackstock, this time Scott managed to keep Blackstock behind him and take the win.

Sunday was an even better day for Scott. with a comfortable lead over Jake Eidson and Kyle Kaiser, he took the checker for race one, Which gave Scott enough points to take over lead in the Western Series. The second race was much tougher. Scott started 2nd, and kept 2nd place for the first half of the race, before making an outside pass on Blackstock in the corkscrew. Scott quickly opened up a gap and was able to take his third win of the weekend.

The Skip Barber Southern Series is proving to be tougher, with bad luck early in the season Its a tough climb back to the top of the points standings. Scott has managed to close the gap to 5 points between him and Ashley Freiberg who sits in 2nd place.

Scott was able to prove his skills in qualifying at Sebring International Raceway February 19th and 20th, taking 5 poles in a row, one for every race group. With contact in his first race, which resulted in a drive through penalty, Scott made the best out of the situation and still managed to climb back up to the lead group and take 4th place. The second went much better for Scott, it was a hectic battle between the top 6 cars, for the entire race, but Scott was able to come out in 2nd behind Thomas McGregor.

The Skip Barber Mazdaspeed Challenge saw both good and bad results for Scott. Winning his first race but due to a switch to sticker tires that he was unaware of, Scott's pace was much slower than in previous sessions and he was only able to manage a 4th place finish. The Mazdaspeed challenge is very close in points with Scott and Thomas Mcgregor tied for 2nd and Tyler Cooke only one point ahead. Its going to be a very interesting fight for the points lead as the season nears its end.


Scott Anderson
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